dreaming fragrances & flavours


Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” It is in this spirit, one of dreaming and musing, of dabbling in both the impossible and the marvelous that we devise scents to surprise and delight. Whether it’s for an exquisite fine fragrance or a long-lasting laundry detergent, we put our heart and soul into crafting fragrances that bring joy. Find out how.

The perfume classics created by Givaudan have defined many eras. Fine fragrance perfumery is the art at the heart of our business. It is inspired by exquisite ingredients, both natural and synthetic, by a feel for time and place, and a desire to capture ‘l’air du temps’ in a bottle. We are passionate about preserving the craft we have inherited.

We take a similar careful approach for consumer products – the personal and home care items that we use daily are fragranced to delight your senses whilst lathering shampoos or tackling the laundry. Ours is the creative craft of bringing scented pleasure into the everyday.

We have a team of 120 perfumers and each is deeply passionate about their purpose. Their unique personalities shine through; every individual stands out and is cherished for their particular point of view. We know that banality is the enemy of beauty, which is why we keenly nurture individuality, freedom and curiosity.

Conversations keep us connected

We encourage our perfumers to explore the moment: enjoying nature or the weather, visiting hot new exhibitions, discovering the trendiest places, foods or drinks, kick-starting conversations about new hobbies or chatting with a fashion designer about their latest collection.

We feel privileged to visit people in their homes to delve into their relationships with all sorts of different products and talk to them about fragrance. Some perfumers cherish routine. It has been said that a strict routine helps unleash the imagination by rendering many aspects of daily life automatic and habitual, freeing the flight of inspiration. Whichever approach is preferred, the aim is the same – to bring people fragrant moments of delight.