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Fine fragrances

Fine fragrance is at the heart of Givaudan. We have a rich history of creating fragrances that strike an emotional chord with consumers. We are inspired by our rich heritage and our contribution to defining the evolution of the trends over time.


In the 1920s, we began to form relationships directly with fashion designers and set an industry-changing precedent. In subsequent decades we have continued to define the fine fragrance market through iconic fragrances and innovation. We work hand-in-hand with our diverse customers to translate their brands into scents that leave a lasting impression.

We embrace the opportunity to surprise our customers. With the right blend of technical skill, creativity and a well-composed palette of ingredients, our teams are able to create either the next signature fragrance to complement our customers’ brand objectives or a game-changing scent that helps take their brand to the next level. We always aim to surpass expectations.

In today’s busy world, everyone should take pause to enjoy a moment of delight. Our perfumers understand what people love and aim to provide that moment of pleasure with each scent they create. Our fragrances touch your emotions and connect with your most cherished memories – making life smell beautiful is our passion.

CNBC feature on fine fragrance creation featuring CEO Gilles Andrier and VP Perfumer and Head of Perfumery School Calice Becker