About Rayehe Mahris

Establishment of Rayehe Mahris

Rayehe Mahris International Commercial Company, formerly known as AVM Trading Company until 2014, was established by the late Abdol-Vahab Maraghechian in 1997. AVM Trading Company was rebranded as Rayehe Mahris in 2014 to start a new era with a modern reform to fulfill the needs of a modern business. From day one, the Company has been focusing solely on importing, selling and distributing fine fragrances. Working on a very specified section of the market is the key for Rayehe Mahris to claim that fine fragrance business is its area of expertise, thus making a brilliant name for itself in such market. Having credibility, experience and reputation of its founder as cornerstone, the Company paved the way to success and was appointed as exclusive distributor of Givaudan fine fragrances in Iran. Fine fragrances sold by the Company are used in all perfume, cosmetic and hygienic products to create an unforgettable olfactory image on consumers’ minds. 


Cooperation with Givaudan

Givaudan is the world’s largest Company in flavor and fragrance industry. In 2006, Givaudan appointed Rayehe Mahris (known as AVM Company back then) as its exclusive distributor of fine fragrances in Iranian market. Rayehe Mahris, which is currently managed and directed by Hamidreza Maraghechian, has never forgotten its founder’s moral values and follows in his footsteps to ensure that “trust”, “honesty”, “customer care” and “expertise” are always of highest importance in business.


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Rayehe Mahris Main Store

Tehran Grand Bazaar has always been the heart of Iran’s economy. A substantial portion of country’s trade, business and goods supply is provided by Tehran Grand Bazaar and it’s believed to be a determining factor in economic status of the whole country. Therefore, Rayehe Mahris decided to be a part of this important market and opened its 40 square meters central store in Grand Bazaar. That presence helped the Company to get in touch with small and medium sized businesses, as well as end-consumers, more easily and effectively in order to increase its share in fine fragrances market.

Why choose Rayehe Mahris?

Our Mission

Rayehe Mahris, as the exclusive distributor of Givaudan fine fragrances in Iran, commits itself to provide customers with high quality products and services. Operating as the representative of world’s largest Company in fine fragrance industry on the one hand, and gaining the invaluable trust of customers over years on the other hand, motivates Rayehe Mahris to do its best to meet both customers’ and partner’s expectations.

Our Vision

Rayehe Mahris and Givaudan have been working hard together to increase their market share and customers’ satisfaction in Iranian market. Learning more about customers’ various tastes, presenting diverse products in different price ranges and contributing to domestic production by providing high quality fragrances to other companies and factories are included in Rayehe Mahris perspective and vision to reach its long-term goals.