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In the Mahris fragrance store, you can enjoy a wide variety of perfumes and scents. From choosing and buying popular and authentic perfumes to receiving professional advice on how to use perfumes and combining scents, you can find everything on our site. Our team consists of experts and experienced people who, using their in-depth knowledge, will help you choose the best perfume for your personality and taste. Our goal is to make the experience of buying perfume online a pleasant and simple experience for you.

Shipping conditions

One of the most important parts in the activity chain of any business is the process of transporting and storing goods and products. With special care and attention to this important issue, Raiha Mahris company and Zivadan Switzerland observe all the physical conditions necessary to maintain the quality of aromatic essences in all stages of import, transportation and storage and guarantee the quality of the product offered to customers. The aromatic essences of this collection are subjected to the strictest supervision and quality control from the time of loading to be transferred to the country until receiving at the ports and transfer to the warehouses so that the slightest change in the quality of the goods desired by the buyers does not occur. The warehouses of Raiha Mahris company, with the necessary environmental conditions and machine facilities, keep the quality and unique essential oils of Jivadan in the best possible condition and send them to the factories and addresses desired by the customers in all parts of Iran in the shortest possible time.

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